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Buying A New Guitar

Buying a new acoustic guitar or electric guitar is an exciting prospect. If you are a beginner a new guitar is a chance to explore the world of music. Intermediate players may be ready to upgrade to a better quality guitar as their skills progress. As a professional, a new instrument can breathe new life into your musical career. No matter why you want a new guitar, purchasing a new one can be a fun experience.

Electric or Acoustic?
One of the first considerations after your budget is what type of guitar should you buy. Each type of guitar has its pros and cons. An acoustic guitar is a classic instrument that is easy to learn and very portable. You do not need any power source or accessories to play one. Acoustic guitars come in different styles and sizes; classic, 12 string and flamenco are the most common ones. Sizes range from juvenile for children and people with small frames, to full size and over size models.

Electric guitars give you a wide variety of sounds and effects that are just not possible on acoustic models. Electric models can be a bit harder to get used to playing since every little sound is amplified, but they are just as enjoyable as acoustic models once you get used to them. You will need an amplifier with an electric model and unless you have a place to practice, you may want to invest in a pair of headphones to keep your family or neighbors from complaining about the noise.

Budget Considerations
If you are a beginner, do not go out and spend hundreds of dollars on a new guitar. You can find good quality instruments for much less. Once you become more proficient at playing and find that it is something you really enjoy and plan on pursuing, you can upgrade to a more expensive model. Stay away from acoustic guitars that are constructed with plywood. Plywood warps easily and is not as strong as solid wood components. If you are considering purchasing an electric guitar, look into packages that include the guitar, an amp, a stand and a carrying case. Good quality electric kits can be found on a budget and are ideal for beginners. Mumbai to Goa Flights online booking with best price.

Accessories for Your New Guitar
One of the most important accessories is a carrying case. Hard cases protect your instruments the best, but can be cumbersome and heavy. These are best for musicians who travel quite a bit and load their equipment in and out of vehicles frequently. A soft case can be a good choice if you need something to protect your instrument while you are not playing it or if you do not plan on traveling with your guitar. There are hybrid cases that offer the protection of a hard case but with the lightweight versatility of a soft case. Most cases come with places to store your music, picks, extra strings and tuner.

You should have at least one extra pair of strings. Strings have a habit of breaking no matter how careful you are and if you are a beginner, you may find that you break more than your share of strings leaning to tune your guitar. The type of strings you use will depend on the type of guitar you have. The manufacturer of your guitar will include suggestions on the type of strings you should use. Nylon strings are good for beginners as they are cheap and easy to handle. Metal wrapped strings give you the best sound quality but can be more difficult to tune when you are just starting out.

You may want to purchase an electric tuner when you purchase your new guitar. Electric tuners give you the truest tone and are very easy to use. Many of them are battery operated and small enough to slip into your case. Have plenty of picks on hand. Picks have a way of getting lost and you will save your fingertips by learning to use a pick when playing. A soft cotton cloth to wipe off your guitar when you are done playing it will help to remove the oil and dirt from your fingers and hands. This protects the finish of your guitar and helps the strings last longer.traveling

When you are considering a new acoustic guitar or electric guitar, there are some things you should keep in mind. Your budget, level of skill and commitment to music are the most important factors. Find a guitar that feels comfortable and is the right size for your build. You can usually purchase a kit that has all you need to start out whether you decide on an acoustic or electric model. Playing the guitar is fun and easy. It can become one of your favorite hobbies or lead you into a new career.

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