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Apps for Making Free Group Video Conferencing

In this article we tell you how some of the services are free or relatively low cost in which you can share a story, a presentation, a spreadsheet, play videos and simultaneously interact with the "public" who entered that video conference.


This classic video calls service for some months has the option to offer group videoconferencing in which display the speaker via webcam and also the creator of the event.

You can connect up to 10 people, all with their webcams. In individual calls can share your desktop, but to share a screen to whole group you need to have a premium account (pay). This option is available in versions for Mac, Linux (were added recently) and Windows. All conference participants must have installed the program and be registered with Skype. In a group call can also be accessed by applications exist for iPhone, Windows Phone, iPad and Android.

Google Hangouts:

In Google's social network there is a service known as hangouts, it can be public or private. There is no cost. To use their services only need to have a Gmail account. In hangouts 10 users can interact, work together in Google Docs, watch YouTube videos or use other applications, but an unlimited number of participants can view the conference.If you are looking for buy apple mobile snapchat app reviews online or websites android and iOS apps you can contact by clicking on above link.

Another interesting element is that the recorded video clips can be uploaded directly to YouTube channel by registered user. To use the service you must install a plugin. You can also start a Hangout from Android devices (requires version 2.3 onwards and front camera) and with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (requires iOS 4.3 and above).

LiveStream Procaster:

One of the most comprehensive services is offered by Live Stream, where you can build a channel to transmit the seminars. After a simple registration on the site, you need to download the application Procaster (also free). You can transmit images from a webcam or which appears at that time on the computer, and share the experience with other "live ". For teaching purposes, the mouse pointer is highlighted in yellow to locate better. And the player can be embedded on any blog or website.

With Procaster can invite up to 50 users at the same time, even if the account is not verified (which involves completing a longer form with real data) can access an unlimited number of is another free option to broadcast live. This is a simple application program, owned by LogMeIn, which when installed provides a conference number with which guests can connect you.

Among other features allows presenters to "hang" files for sharing with the attendees, chat with them during the meeting or seminar. Up to 250 participants can attend for free and the "guest" does not require prior registration or installation of any program: only have an Internet connection and any web browser like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. The "guests" can also watch the conference from the iPad, iPhone or any Android device.For training purpose, you can find mobile apps from play store.

Fring and FriendCaller:

Although Fring not allow massive video conferencing but prove useful tool. This app, available for Android devices, iOS or Symbian. Allows group video calls with up to four partners for free.

Something similar offers FriendCaller, the ability to create free video conferencing with a group of up to 8 participants. You can perform the video conferencing from Android, iOS and over the Web.

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